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‘The Flash’ returns in season premiere with lighter tone, uplifting dialogue

Fans’ prayers were answered when the latest season of the CW’s “The Flash” premiered Tuesday night with a lighter tone in its aptly titled episode, “The Flash Reborn.”

“The Flash” follows comic book star, crime scene investigator and superhero Barry Allen as he fights genetically enhanced “meta-humans” in the fictional Central City with his super speed capabilities as “the fastest man alive.”


Photo courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

In previous seasons Barry (The Flash) fought villains with similar super speed abilities varying from alternate world speedsters to time traveling versions of himself. In the fourth season, The Flash is facing off against a new type of villain, The Thinker. Fans of The Flash comic books might recognize him as the genius inventor who created a “thinking cap” that gave him mental abilities that challenged Barry Allen’s intellect, not just The Flash’s speed.

For the past two seasons, “The Flash” has

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