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Prosecution Witness In Steinle Trial Blocked From Returning To Stand

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A key prosecution witness who defense attorneys have accused of credibility issues was prevented by a judge’s ruling from returning to the stand Monday in the trial of the man accused of fatally shooting Kate Steinle on San Francisco’s Pier 14 in 2015.

Retired San Francisco crime scene investigator John Evans had been expected to testify again today in the trial of Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, a 45-year-old homeless Mexican citizen, as a rebuttal witness for prosecutors working to discredit defense expert testimony.

Evans’ previously testified in the trial that the bullet that struck Steinle in the back on July 1, 2015, traveled in a straight line despite ricocheting off the pier, and stated that “the only way this could have occurred that is reasonable” was if a person had pointed the gun at Steinle and pulled the trigger.

Defense attorneys, however, have argued that the shooting was

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Steinle Trial Defense Attorneys Question Credibility of Key Prosecution Witness

Defense attorneys for the man on trial for murder over the fatal shooting of Kathryn Steinle say allegations against a key prosecution witness in an unrelated case call his testimony and conclusions about Steinle’s death into question.

Retired San Francisco police crime scene investigator John Evans is expected to testify again in the Steinle case Monday as a prosecution rebuttal witness. He testified on Oct. 30 that “a human being held a firearm, pointed it in the direction of Ms. Steinle, pulled the trigger and fired, killing her.”

He added: “That is the only way this could have occurred, that is reasonable.”

Evans’ conclusion directly contradicts the argument by attorneys for defendant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate’s, who say their client found a gun wrapped in cloth on the pedestrian pier where Steinle was shot. The attorneys say the gun went off before Garcia Zarate knew what he was holding and

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Zarate prosecution witness blasted for role in earlier murder trial

A key witness in the prosecution of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate gave testimony in a prior case that an expert alleges was not only inaccurate but possibly improper.

John Evans, a former San Francisco Department crime scene investigator, testified that Garcia Zarate killed Kate Steinle. “A human being held the firearm, pointed it in the direction of Ms. Steinle, pulled the trigger and fired the weapon, killing Ms. Steinle. This is the only way it could have happened,” he said.

Former CSI investigator John Evans testifies in the Garcia Zarate case

A defense expert, Jim Norris, former director of the SF police lab, directly challenged that analysis.

But this isn’t the first time Norris has taken issue with Evans’ testimony. The crime lab chief, now a private forensic consultant, blasted the officer’s role in

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‘Trigger’ Mistranslated: Defense Rests Case in Steinle Murder Trial

The man on trial for killing Kathryn Steinle sometimes agreed with a pair of San Francisco homicide inspectors during a 4½-hour interview the night of Steinle’s death in 2015. But exactly what defendant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was agreeing with might have been lost in translation, his defense attorneys argued Thursday, before resting their case in the high-profile murder trial.

Defense attorney Francisco Ugarte said that, among a “host of issues” with how the inspectors’ questions and Garcia Zarate’s answers were translated by a third officer, each time Garcia Zarate was asked if he “pulled the trigger,” it was translated as “shoot” or “fire.”

“The issue of whether Mr. Garcia Zarate admitted to pulling the trigger is a very important issue in this case,” Ugarte said outside court, “and the term ‘pull the trigger’ was literally never interpreted to Mr. Garcia Zarate.”

It’s a crucial point because of the defense

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Taylor trial nearing end – Mt. Vernon Register

MT. VERNON — The trial for Mark Taylor Jr. will soon be coming to a close as the prosecution and defense both rested their cases Monday morning.

Taylor, 25, is charged with first-degree murder and is one of four men charged in connection with the death of cab driver Charles Ellis on May 31, 2011. The murder happened near the intersection of Sixth and Bell streets during what prosecutors describe as a botched robbery attempt. Co-defendants Damondros James, Christopher Wells, and Demandre Black have already pleaded guilty.

Once the prosecution rested its case Monday Taylor’s attorney, Nathan Rowland, requested a directed verdict saying the state “had not presented sufficient evidence that a jury could find Taylor guilty.”

Rowland’s request was made on the grounds that many statements and evidence were only hearsay, and sources were questionable.

He said the testimony of co-defendant Wells should be considered with caution. He also pointed out that Princeton

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Judge orders Pomona man held for trial in shooting death of 8-year-old boy

Sengchan Houl, 35 of Pomona, was formally charged with the murder of 8-year-old Jonah Hwang. He's being held without bail. -- Courtesy photo
Sengchan Houl, 35 of Pomona, was formally charged with the murder of 8-year-old Jonah Hwang. He’s being held without bail. — Courtesy photo

POMONA — A series of witnesses were in court Thursday providing testimony in the preliminary of hearing for a 35-year-old man accused of carrying out a drive-by shooting that killed an 8-year-old Pomona boy earlier this year.

After hearing testimony from more than half a dozen witnesses, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert Martinez found there was sufficient evidence to hold over alleged gunman Sengchan Houl for trial.

Houl, of unincorporated Pomona, is set to return to Pomona Superior Court for arraignment Nov. 17.

Among the witnesses was Nathan Robinson, a resident of the West 11th

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Bullet Trajectory and Ricochet Shot Central to Steinle Murder Trial

A retired San Francisco crime scene investigator testified Monday in the high-profile murder trial over the 2015 slaying of Kathryn Steinle that “firearms do not fire by themselves.”

It’s a simple point that’s at the heart of whether defendant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate will be found guilty of murdering 32-year-old Steinle, whom he had never met, as she walked with her father on San Francisco’s waterfront.

To justify a murder conviction, the prosecution must prove Garcia Zarate intended to fire the gun at Steinle or a crowd of people gathered on Pier 14 about an hour before sunset on July 1, 2015. The defense is arguing Steinle’s death was an accident: that Garcia Zarate picked up an unknown object wrapped in cloth from beneath a rotating metal chair on the pier. The gun was stolen from a U.S. Bureau of Land Management ranger four days before the the killing, and the defense

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