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Man Takes His Own Life in a Car on SR100 as Sheriff’s Negotiators Were On Their Way

Investigators at the scene this morning. The apparent suicide took place in the blue car just before the intersection with I-95, on State Road 100. (c FlaglerLive)

Investigators at the scene this morning. The apparent suicide took place in the blue car just before the intersection with I-95, on State Road 100. (c FlaglerLive)

A man took his own life by gunshot in a car on State Road 100’s westbound lanes, in front of the Mobil station and convenience store, just before the intersection with I-95 in Palm Coast at dawn Tuesday. The scene was still being investigated well into the morning.

The identity of the individual has not yet been released. The westbound lanes were initially closed to traffic around 5 to 6 a.m. One lane opened as rush-hour traffic got under way, with the vehicle involved partially hidden from view by sheriff’s

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Engaged Couple Expecting Their First Child Killed in Thanksgiving Car Crash

A terminally ill Illinois woman who admitted to killing her disabled adult daughter in a botched murder-suicide has been found dead, two days before she was to return to prison, officials said.

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Watch These Flying Fish Make Spectacular Escapes From Their Predators

Marine life rely on sound to navigate, socialize, and find food and mates, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to hear each other. Noise caused by human activity is now an inescapable threat to their lives.

In the video above from Vox, we hear some of the amazing sounds that underwater creatures make, and learn how they’re impacted by noise pollution.

From leisure boats to industrial seismic blasting, humans have created an extreme situation. It’s hard not to compare it to sound torture, now banned for being cruel and unusual punishment!

If we wouldn’t inflict such pain on our worst enemies, then why are we so ruthless to our neighbors in the sea?

Be sure to watch the video to the end to get to the good news!

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Catawba Valley Community College students prove their skills nationally

» CNC Machining Technician (fourth place): Kaleb Watson and advisor Steven Rhoads

» Technical Math (sixth place): Nola Webb and advisor Michael Boone

» Entrepreneurship (high school, eighth place): students Cedric Clyburn, Karlina Ho, Valerie Stiltner, and Chanler Watts and advisors Jeff Neuville and Gary Muller

» CNC Milling (ninth place): Dustin Jones and advisor Steven Rhoads

» Photography (10th place): Shawna Huffman and advisor Joe Young

» Extemporaneous Speaking (high school, 11th place): Hannah Grimes and advisor Jeff Penley

» Prepared Speaking (high school, 15th place): Dakiyah Cowans and advisor Jeff Penley

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CSI fans can hone their skills with free online course at Glyndwr University

A short course at Wrexham Glyndŵr University is targeting people with an amateur or professional interest in the crime scene investigation sector.

Amy Rattenbury, forensic science lecturer, said the course will also appeal to those already working in a crime-related role who are looking to develop their skills.

Students will be assessed via a write-up and practical simulation to be held over two days from Saturday, July 29. On completion, they will receive a certificate of continuing education.

Ms Rattenbury said: “The course will help those in attendance gain valuable experience in what happens when you attend a crime scene.

“That includes the collection of fingerprints, the correct use of sterile swabs and tape lifts and how to collect tool-mark and other impression evidence.

“They will also be taught how to accurately record the

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CSI Paris… 1904: Fascinating images from crime scenes that were the first of their kind used by famed French …

These are the remarkable images from crime scenes that were the first of their kind – used to crack cases in grisly murders at the turn of the 20th century.

The unsettling photographs taken in Paris and credited to famed detective Alphonse Bertillon detail graphic crime scenes of the past.

Some pictures show scenes of chaos, where you can clearly see a struggle has taken place and injuries to the victim. However, in others a figure lies in a perfectly neat room, adding to the mystery of the atrocity.

These crime scene photos from early 20th century France are both fascinating and macabre in equal measure, and the work of pioneering French murder detective Alphonse Bertillon. Pictured is the murder scene of Madame Veuve Bol, in Paris, and dated 1904. The caption reads: 'Inspection on a horizontal plane'


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US Lawyers Are Bringing Virtual Reality To Courtrooms To Strengthen Their Cases

The wheels of justice aren’t known for moving quickly. When civil and criminal cases go to trial, photos and oral explanations only go so far in helping to build a case.  To help jurors make informed decisions, law firms such as Lamber Goodnow are beginning to use virtual reality (VR) technology in the courtrooms to help add context to complex personal injury cases.

“As a lawyer, one of the biggest challenges faced in a case is showing the decision makers or jury what actually happened at a crime scene or at the precise moment of impact during a catastrophic injury,” notes personal injury lawyer Marc Lamber. “In the old days, I’d use demonstrative exhibits, visual aids, and witness statements in an attempt to ‘transport a jury to an accident scene.’ With virtual reality, not only can I transport jurors to the accident scene, I can put them in

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