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Defendant’s cellphone pings are focus of testimony in murder trial

HACKENSACK — The cellphone records of a Wood-Ridge resident who is charged with murder in the death of a 70-year-old East Rutherford woman were the main focus of testimony as the trial of Daniel Rochat resumed Tuesday after a week off.

Rochat is accused of beating to death Barbara Vernieri in her East Rutherford home in September 2012 before setting her on fire. 

Lt. James McMorrow returned to the witness stand Tuesday to answer defense attorney Jim Doyle’s questions about the investigation and the arrest.

After a discussion of the execution of the arrest warrant and why officers waited until nearly 10 p.m. to make the arrest, Rochat’s cellphone records were the main focus of much of the morning.

Prosecution: Prosecutor

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Testimony begins in Miller County capital murder trial

Testimony began Tuesday at the Miller County courthouse in the trial of a man accused of capital murder in connection with a drug-related robbery.

Justin Damone Johnson, 29, faces life without parole if found guilty of capital murder in the November 19, 2015, shooting death of 22-year-old Trevon Staten. Prosecuting Attorney Stephanie Black told the jury in opening statements Tuesday morning that while Justin Johnson may not have fired the bullet that killed Staten, he was a key participant in the robbery that led to Staten’s death and therefore just as culpable.

Texarkana defense attorney Jeff Harrelson told the jury the central issue in the case is identity, whether Justin Johnson is the person two eyewitnesses pointed out in court Tuesday as among a group of men who stormed into Staten’s home at the Beacon Point Apartments in Texarkana, Ark., shortly before midnight.

Sherlysa Gulley, the mother of Staten’s 1- and 3-year-old children,

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Jurors hear testimony in Burleson County killing – Bryan

Posted: Tuesday, March 7, 2017 12:00 am

Jurors hear testimony in Burleson County killing

By Kelan Lyons

The Eagle


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Culbreath Trial Continues With More Conflicting Testimony

SAN ANGELO, TX – Tuesday morning, the trial against Stephano Culbreath continued in Judge Ben Woodward’s courtroom. The morning hours were filled with state witnesses who spoke to Culbreath’s activities before he was arrested, and how authorities were able to locate and take him into custody.

The first witness on the stand was Monica Powell, who stated she had been with Culbreath in the early morning hours after the murder occurred. According to her testimony, she had been at a game room on Sherwood Way and asked Culbreath for a ride home at around 7 or 8 a.m. At that time, she was living on 13th Street, and when Culbreath drove her home, they passed through the scene of where the crime had taken place. She stated that she had told Culbreath to drive past it because it didn’t make sense to drive around the street.

As District Attorney Allison Palmer continued

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Jury Begins Deliberations in Che Taylor Inquest Hearing; Final Testimony Focused on Wounds and a Handgun

Officer Michael Spaulding, left, speaks with his attorney Ted Buck, center, and Officer Scott Miller, right.

King County’s inquest into the death of Che Taylor, already three days behind schedule, is now in its final phase as an eight-member jury deliberates on 55 questions that they will answer with either “Yes,” “No,” or “Unknown.” Unlike criminal cases, the jury is not required to have unanimous responses to the questions. Instead, the eight jurors’ individual responses will be tallied under each question.

Attorneys representing the Taylor family and the two Seattle police officers who shot and killed Taylor proposed a list of questions, called interrogatories, which were then edited by Judge Janet Garrow. The list was then further amended in multiple closed door sessions between Garrow and the representative attorneys.

The majority of the 55

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Targeting ‘inaccurate’ testimony, Michael Slager’s defense seeks further testing of Taser

Asserting that testimony about Michael Slager’s Taser during his murder trial was wrong, his attorneys have asked for another independent examination of the stun gun.

Slager’s retrial in the shooting of Walter Scott isn’t scheduled until August, but his defense team is continuing to build its case, a filing on Wednesday indicated.

The first trial ended in December with a hung jury.

“Testimony regarding the use of a Taser was introduced by the state that Mr. Slager believes was inaccurate,” lawyer Andy Savage said in the motion, adding that an analysis would scientifically confirm or deny the contention. “The sole purpose of this request is to further Mr. Slager’s pursuit of the truth regarding the allegations.”

The proceeding is still months away, providing Slager’s civil rights trial in federal court goes on as planned May 1. In both cases, he faces up to life in prison if convicted of the most serious charge he

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Todd Smith Trial: Friday Testimony Focuses On Evidence

More witnesses testified for the prosecution in the trial of Todd Smith this Friday. Winnebago County Crime Scene Investigator Tim Speer took the stand. Speer detailed what was found in Katrina Smith’s car after it was found on Obispo Rd. in Machesney Park.

Speer said he used a blood testing chemical in the vehicle and found evidence of blood on the passenger seat and steering wheel. The blood at the time wasn’t visible to the eye, but Speer explained that the smoothness of the testing chemical shows that someone attempted to remove blood with a cleaning agent.

“In the front passenger area, the patterns are very smooth and appear to be an area where something was wiped. It goes all the way around the steering wheel, the top of the stick shift appears to have been wiped. The

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