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Former medical examiner testifies in Margate…

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A former medical examiner is testifying for the defense Friday in the murder trial of a South Florida man accused of killing his girlfriend.

Richard Patterson, 65, of Margate, is charged with second-degree murder in the choking death of his girlfriend, Francisca Marquinez, 60, in 2015.

Patterson’s attorney claims his client accidentally choked Marquinez during oral sex. To prove it, attorney Ken Padowitz wants a Broward County judge to allow Patterson to show his penis to the jury.

Before Judge Lisa Porter makes her decision, she first wanted to hear testimony from Dr. Ronald Wright, a former Broward County medical examiner.

The prosecution rested its case Thursday after jurors heard testimony from Patterson’s daughter, his ex-girlfriend, an associate medical examiner who performed Marquinez’s autopsy and a crime scene investigator.

Wright said he agreed with the assessment of associate medical examiner Iouri Boiko, who said the manner of death was inconclusive because of

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CSI: Las Cruces — crime scene expert testifies in Tai Chan retrial – Las Cruces Sun





Chan is accused of firing 10 gunshots at Jeremy Martin in 2014., also a Santa Fe County sheriff’s deputy, during a drunken fight on the hotel’s seventh floor.
Photos: AP / Edited by: Sarah Duenas / Aaron Bedoya

LAS CRUCES – A crime-scene expert testified Wednesday on the sequence of a struggle and 10 ensuing gunshots the night ex-Santa Fe County Deputy Tai Chan fatally shot fellow Deputy Jeremy Martin at a Las Cruces hotel

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Man Who Survived Stabbing Testifies In Murder Trial

BASS LAKE — In the fifth day of testimony in the George Taylor-Windsor murder trial in Bass Lake Superior Court, the jury heard from the crime scene investigator, one of the detectives who investigated the killing, and the man who survived multiple stab wounds during the attack.

Taylor-Windsor, 26, is charged with murder in the death of Jessica Nelson, 23, of Foresthill, Calif., and with attempted murder in the stabbing of Reid Kallenberg. Taylor-Windsor is claiming self-defense after being stabbed with a syringe and having a gun pointed at him.

The incident took place on Nov. 15, 2016, on Highway 41 just north of Oakhurst, in Kallenberg’s Ford F250 pickup.

Daniela Romero is an Identification Technician with the Madera County Sheriff’s Office. She took photos and measurements and documented the evidence in the Ford F-250 pickup on Nov. 21, in the secured yard

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Debra Robertson ‘Lucky to be alive,’ testifies family doctor

Steven Whitt

Injuries sustained by Debra Robertson were apparently worse than victims who have suffered injures from an improvised explosive device or an IED.

These statements came from Steve Whitmarsh, a family physician at the Air Force Academy who testified on Friday during the Steven Whitt Trial.

Whitmarsh was and is Robertson’s family doctor, including at the time Robertson was allegedly attacked by her now ex-husband Steven Whitt.

Whitt, 54, allegedly hit Robertson over the head with two large stones on June 29, 2015.

He is facing charges of attempted second-degree murder and having a sexual relationship with his stepdaughter.

Whitmarsh said the injury Robertson sustained from the alleged

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CSI accused of throwing Seth Adams’ mom to floor testifies today

The other crime scene investigator, who was at St. Mary’s Medical Center, is to testify after Bain. “Get away. He’s evidence,” attorney Wallace McCall, who represents the parents, said the investigator told Lydia Adams when she tried to touch her son who died in surgery. Adams and her husband live in Palm Bay and didn’t know their son was dead when they arrived at the hospital, McCall said.

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Crime Scene Investigator testifies no blood or bullet casings inside Seth Adams truck

The lead Crime Scene investigator during the Seth Adams shooting in 2012 testified in Federal Court Thursday about the scene as she processed it the night of the police involved shooting.

Mary Bain said when she arrived at the One Stop Garden Shop shortly after the shooting, the door to Seth Adams’ pickup truck was closed. The driver’s side mirror was also pushed forward.

Sgt. Michael Custer said in a sworn deposition already shown to jurors in the civil case that Adams confronted him in the parking lot, was acting “like a lunatic” and ran to get something out of his truck, which Custer thought was a gun.

Custer said he kicked Adams’ open door shut, pinning Adams between the door and the frame of the truck, then tried to pull Adams back out of the truck.

He said Adams spun around

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Key witness testifies in Lawton murder trial

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – Tuesday, the lone witness to the 2015 murder of a Lawton resident testified in the trial of the man accused of killing him.

Roy White, Jr. is charged with first-degree murder for the shooting death of Donald Brewer, Jr. Brewer’s body was found at a Lawton motel.
Tuesday, White’s trial began with testimony from Frank Crowley, who says he saw the entire thing.

Crowley said he was at the motel with Donald Brewer when White showed up, claiming Brewer owed him money. That’s when a fight started between the two and Crowley says White pulled out a revolver then said “they didn’t tell you I was a killer” and fired the gun at Brewer.

Crowley said after the first shot, Brewer ran to the bathroom, because White was blocking the front door. White followed and kept firing, shooting 7 shots, until the revolver was empty. Crowley said White then

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