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Youth Science Summit returns to Clark County

JEFFERSONVILLE — Imagine getting to play crime scene investigator with the pros for a day.

That’s exactly the kind of thing around 35 local middle and high school students got to do Saturday during the second annual Great Clark County Youth Science Summit at Jeffersonville High School.

The event is organized by the Louisville-based Kentucky Science Center, which hosts hands-on programs related to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) across the region.

On Saturday, JHS classrooms became pop-up labs, including a forensic room where students conducted DNA testing. The mission: Find out what happened to “Lucy,” the mannequin sprawled across the hallway alongside a puddle of blood. A few feet away was the presumed murder weapon: a small knife covered with drops of blood spatter.

Farther down the hallway sat piles of dirt with faux human skeletons. Students dressed in blue lab coats and donning purple latex gloves, learned how to measure bones and

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‘The Flash’ returns in season premiere with lighter tone, uplifting dialogue

Fans’ prayers were answered when the latest season of the CW’s “The Flash” premiered Tuesday night with a lighter tone in its aptly titled episode, “The Flash Reborn.”

“The Flash” follows comic book star, crime scene investigator and superhero Barry Allen as he fights genetically enhanced “meta-humans” in the fictional Central City with his super speed capabilities as “the fastest man alive.”


Photo courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

In previous seasons Barry (The Flash) fought villains with similar super speed abilities varying from alternate world speedsters to time traveling versions of himself. In the fourth season, The Flash is facing off against a new type of villain, The Thinker. Fans of The Flash comic books might recognize him as the genius inventor who created a “thinking cap” that gave him mental abilities that challenged Barry Allen’s intellect, not just The Flash’s speed.

For the past two seasons, “The Flash” has

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Vargas trial: Jury returns 7 guilty verdicts – Carlsbad Current

After three days of testimony, and about three hours of jury deliberation, Roberto Vargas was found guilty of first degree murder in the shooting death of 41-year-old Eric Florez.

Florez was found shot to death in a minivan July 4, 2016, in the 300 block of Peachtree Street.

Vargas was tried in Fifth Judicial District Court in Carlsbad under Judge Jane Shuler-Gray on the first degree murder charge, and six other charges.

He was found

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‘Wicked Plants’ returns to Arboretum this fall

This fall, visitors to The North Carolina Arboretum will be entertained, alarmed and enlightened as they walk through the halls of a ramshackle manor and experience the dangerous world of “Wicked Plants: The Exhibit.”

After five years travelling the country, “Wicked Plants,” a one-of-a-kind exhibit designed and created by the Arboretum, will return to the Arboretum’s Baker Exhibit Center on Saturday, Sept. 16 and will be on display daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Jan. 7.

Inspired by author Amy Stewart’s best-selling book, “Wicked Plants: The

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Citizen’s Police Academy returns to Meridian

Because of popular demand, the Meridian Police Department will bring back the Citizen’s Police Academy in October. 

This “condensed” version of the police academy allows citizens to see what police officers do: how they process crime scenes, learn about the dispatch center, shoot a gun and drive a police car.

Taught by law enforcement officers, judges and attorneys, Meridian Police Chief Benny Dubose said alumni and other citizens said the class should be brought back. 

“It’s something we did several years ago, getting citizens in the city to attend,” Dubose said. “Alumni of the academy felt like it was of value.”

Michael “Mike” Vick, a master police officer, oversees the program with the department and has seen three classes graduate.

“It fosters a relationship between the citizens and the police department ’cause a lot of times we don’t understand each other,” Vick said. “We’ve been extremely encouraged by all the people with ‘Back the Badge’ signs.

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