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Ninety-nine things on but nothing to watch

A few nights ago, I was in charge of the remote for a while and decided to see if there was anything on television that I wanted to watch. I proceeded to the lowest channel and went up from there on a mission of discovery. Oh, yeah, don’t they have a channel by that name? Yes, they do, but back to the story: After about ten minutes I reached the limit of my available channels without finding one thing on that I wanted to watch. Why, you ask?

That question occurred to me as well, so I decided to go on a mission of discovery. Whoops, that channel again! Anyway, I proceeded to make a list of every program that was on, and I assigned each program to a specific category or genre. For example, I began with

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Forensic work is nothing like ‘glamourous CSI’, say CID crime scene specialists

A lifeless body was found lying on a floor with a pool of blood trickling near the head of the “victim”. Gambling paraphernalia was strewn on a table next to the body. One police investigator lifted a shoe print at the scene while another dusted a broken safe with fingerprint powder in search of evidence of a suspected crime.

These two investigators are crime scene specialists who were demonstrating a crime scene investigation at the Singapore Police Force’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Forensic Conference on Thursday (9 November).

Senior crime specialist Geraldine Ng, 30, told reporters that she has encountered people who are interested in pursuing a career in forensics. But she stressed to them that the nature of her job is nothing like the hit television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


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