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Woman faces murder charge connected to body found in Calhoun


Human remains were discovered in west Ouachita early Wednesday by OPSO investigators looking into a three-year-old homicide. Titus Harris, 24, was taken into custody on one count of second degree murder in connection with the homicide.
Ashley Mott

A second suspect is now facing a charge of second degree murder connected to the discovery of a body in Calhoun in June 2017.

Amanda M. Franklin, age 20, J.B. Cypress Road was booked into Ouachita Correctional Center Friday on the charge. 

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In June 2017, investigators with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office received information about a murder. During an investigation, officers reportedly spoke with several witnesses who provided consistent statements about hearing one suspect speak

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LIVE BLOG: Upatoi murder trial verdict watch WTVM Live

Alone.  A picture speaks a thousand words, but one photo circulating on social media can be described with one.  He is alone. Dressed in a button down, the man sits in a booth with a card neatly propped on the table. Two plates, two sets of silverware and two glasses of wine lay in front of him.  Across from the otherwise romantic spread sits an ornate bottle, holding what once showered him in loving embraces, laughs and memories.  For just one meal, he wa…

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LIVE BLOG: Jury dismissed in day 3 of Upatoi murder trial deliberations WTVM Live

Hundreds attend a candlelight vigil Thursday for the victims of the Wednesday shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, FL.

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LIVE BLOG: Closing arguments underway in the Upatoi murder trial

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Jurors have been dismissed for the evening in the Upatoi murder trial. 

The first day of deliberations ended after only an hour Tuesday.

Rufus Burks, 17, stands accused in the deaths of Gloria Short, her son Caleb Short, and granddaughter Gianna Lindsey.

Suspects Raheem Gibson and Javarceay Tapley pleaded guilty before the jury was seated. 

Before deliberations, attorneys on both sides used the day to argue their case, one last time.

“This story didn’t end when Mr. Short found his family bloody and beaten to death, and it didn’t end when Mr. Burks and his companions were arrested. So how will this story end?” says Assistant District Attorney, Christopher Williams.

All eyes were on Burks as the Upatoi trial comes to an end.

The State hoping to debunk the idea of the brutal deaths of Gloria Short, Caleb Short and Gianna Lindsey at their Upatoi home was a one-man show.

“Subduing three individuals, it

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LIVE BLOG: Upatoi triple murder victims suffer blunt force trauma, stabbings during brutal beatings

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – A final witness for the prosecution was called to the stand today in the Upatoi triple murder trial Monday. 

Court went into recess Friday after jurors spent the week hearing testimony in the case against 17-year-old Rufus Burks.

Burks is one of three men charged in the 2016 deaths of Gloria Short, her son Caleb, and granddaughter Gianna Lindsey.

Last week, jurors heard from Burks’ former co-defendant, Raheam Gibson, as well as Columbus police and a forensic examiner.

Natasha Grandhi, associate medical examiner for Georgia Bureau of Investigations, was called to testify about the autopsies performed on the victims.

Graphic pictures reveal the victims’ bloody with black and blue bruises. The official cause of death is listed as blunt force trauma for all three.

The youngest of the victims,10 -year-old Gianna Lindsey suffered from 23 stab wounds and blunt force trauma to the head.

“All of the injuries that Mrs. Lindsey had were noted

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Emotions high during second day of murder trial – WALB


On Wednesday, jurors heard testimony in an Albany murder trial, that left many in the courtroom emotional. 

Thirty-four-year-old Kamesha Jackson is accused of stabbing her long-time boyfriend, which prosecutors said led to his death. 

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Emotions were high inside the Dougherty County courtroom as prosecutors played a recording of a 911 call from April 16, 2016.

“My mom stabbed my dad,” said a woman on the phone. The 911 operator asked what happened and the woman said “She stabbed him.”

It was that day, inside this apartment on Blaylock Street when prosecutors said Kamesha Jackson, 34, stabbed Charles Porter, 39.

Police said Porter died a short time later from his injuries. 

Charges against Albany woman upgraded to murder

A crime scene investigator with the Albany Police Department spent time on the stand, going over

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LIVE BLOG: Upatoi murder suspect who pleaded guilty testifies in trial

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Testimony resumed in the Upatoi triple murder trial in Columbus.

Rufus Burks is being tried for his role in the deaths of Gloria Short, her son Caleb and granddaughter Gianna Lindsey.

For the first time, we are hearing from one of the suspects in the Upatoi triple murder trial.

The 21 year old suspect, Raheam Gibson pleading guilty to charges last week ahead of the trial, in return having to testify against co-defednant, Rufus Burks, someone he says he knew only two months before the deadly night in Upatoi.

District Attorney, Al Whitaker: “Who was the person making the plans?”

Raheam Gibson: “Javarceay Tapley.”

District Attorney, Al Whitaker: “And what was those plans?”

Raheam Gibson: “To make a lick on his cousin house.”

District Attorney, Al Whitaker: “What is a lick?”

Raheam Gibson: “To Burglarize.”

Three suspects, Javarceay Tapley, Rufus Burks, and then there is Raheam Gibson.

Gibson holding fast to his testimony that he had

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