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Mother of missing gang-involved son speaks out

The Inter-Faith Community Association’s focus is right there in the name: community.

Phyllis Hardison, a member of the association, gave a history of the organization that started in 1980 and has since focused on increasing activities for young people, encouraging qualified African American candidates during elections, helping children with education through tutoring and college preparation, and supporting other local groups, like volunteer fire departments.

“There’s a lot being done by very, very few people,” said association President Jim Roddy.

On Saturday, they brought awareness to an issue facing communities across the nation: gang activity, and how it affects families.

Jenay Wolfrey introduced the events special speaker, who also happened to be her mother. Joan Turner has years of experience with law enforcement, including being the first African American to work as a crime scene investigator with the Suffolk Police Department in Virginia, Wolfrey

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Mother accused of killing daughter with crucifix faces trial

OKLAHOMA CITY — Law enforcement officials took the stand Wednesday in a trial against a woman accused of killing her daughter with a crucifix.

Juanita Gomez, now 51, faces a first-degree murder charge for the brutal beating of her daughter Geneva Gomez in August 2016.

According to court documents, Juanita told police she believed her daughter was “possessed by the devil” and admitted to forcing a crucifix down her throat and watching her die.

An investigator with the Oklahoma City Police Department testified Wednesday that he was the primary crime scene investigator of this case at the time. In court, members of the jury were shown photos of the victim laying on the floor of a home near 15th and McKinley. With her body placed in the shape of a cross, she was found with a large crucifix on her chest.

The investigator told the court he noticed the carpet was “unusually clean”,

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The Grim Crime-Scene Dollhouses Made by the ‘Mother of Forensics’

The kitchen is well equipped and stocked. There’s a stove, a refrigerator full of food, a table with a rolling pin and a bowl, and a sink with Ivory soap. The wall calendar, featuring with a sailing ship, says it’s April 1944. But there’s something else: Every item is miniature, hand-crafted, and a doll lies on the floor, apparently dead, cause unknown.

This is one of Frances Glessner Lee’s Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, a series of 1/12-scale dioramas based on real-life criminal investigation cases. They were used—and continue to be studied even today—to train investigators in the art of evidence gathering, meticulous documentation, and keen observation. And they were created by one of the most unlikely and influential figures in crime scene forensics.

Glessner Lee’s early life followed a trajectory unsurprising for a girl from a wealthy family in late-19th-century America. She was

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Victim’s mother testifies in retrial of man accused of killing Knoxville pregnant woman

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The state has a big task at hand in the Norman Clark retrial. Prosecutors are trying to convince 12 jurors that Clark is a killer.

They say he’s the only person with a motive to kill Brittany Eldridge: she was having a baby that he didn’t want and it was a threat to his freedom.

On the other hand, the defense is advancing an argument that Eldridge’s death was a burglary gone bad, a narrative that was put to the test in day four of the retrial.

Previous story: Text messages take center stage in day 3 of Norman Clark retrial

“Unfortunately I think I’m going to have to take him to court to get any help from him financially,” Assistant DA Leslie Nassios read an entry from

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Girl, 15, arrested for killing mother, setting house on fire

July 16 (UPI) — A 15-year-old Illinois girl has been arrested for allegedly shooting her mother in the head and then setting the house on fire to destroy evidence of the crime.

Police in Morrison, Ill. said Anna Schroeder, 15, told her mother, Peggy Schroeder, to put a warm towel on her face as she sat in the living room. Peggy did so and Anna allegedly shot her mother in the head. She then texted a photo of her mother’s dead body to her friend, 15-year-old Rachel Helm, who came to the house to help clean the crime scene.

Taking a break from cleaning, the two girls decided to get a bite to eat at a nearby Subway. At that point, Anna learned that her father, Daryl Schroeder, was coming to town and she vomited on the restaurant floor, reported SaukValley.com. The pair then went to get more

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JUST IN: 6-year-old son of murdered Boynton-area mother: Where’s mom?

Harold Willis said Jenkins’ husband and brother, along with her two young children, were in the home that morning. Jenkins’ oldest daughter, 13, was in Tampa with her father, Harold Willis said.

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JUST IN: 6-year-old son of murdered Boynton-area mother: Where’s mom?

The grandmother of a Boynton Beach-area mom shot to death in her home earlier this week recalled when she found out about the tragedy.

A sleepy Gloria Harold Willis could barely make out the screams on the other end of the phone early Thursday. Something about a home invasion, a gun.

Her granddaughter, Makeva Jenkins, had been shot, Jenkins’ brother managed to explain.

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Harold Willis raced from her Belle Glade home shortly before 3 Thursday morning to Delray Medical Center where Jenkins died. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office authorities say

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Creato’s mother: I told my son to call 911





The murder trial of David ‘D.J.’ Creato continued Tuesday, April 25, 2017 in Camden.
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WATCH: DAVID CREATO JR. MURDER TRIALWATCH: Opening Day of Creato murder trial | 0:59

Opening Day of Creato murder trial begins Thursday, April 20, 2017 in Camden. The body of Brendan Creato was discovered in Cooper River Park, blocks from his Westmont home, just hours after his father

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