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Former crime scene investigator gives forensics and 3-D laser systems presentation

A former crime scene investigator, Ryan Rezelle, spoke about how technology affects investigations, the process of crime scenes and his work as an investigator Monday in the Science Hall.

Most people don’t have a clear understanding of what crime scene investigators (CSI) do, Rezelle said. 

 “It’s been fictionalized so much by television that I really haven’t got a chance to share what this is all about,” Rezelle said. 

In his presentation he discussed what it means to be a CSI and how technology such as the 3-D laser systems can help that field in getting a basic layout of a large area including distinct measurements.

“I was really excited when Ryan agreed to do our seminar,” said Melissa Bailey, director of the master of science forensic science program. “I knew he was going to do a great presentation though.  He’s got tons of stories

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Investigator testifes struggle unlikely in suspect’s defense – Times





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Want to be a crime scene investigator? There’s an app for that

LEE COUNTY, Fla. Crime scene investigators are using smartphone apps to do their job more efficiently. The following apps are free to download in the iTunes and Android Google Play app stores. Some apps are not available on all devices.

App iPharmacy

1. iPharmacy – enter the shape and markings of a pill and find out what it is. We had trouble getting the app to find over the counter medications on an Android device. iPharmacy is available for free for both iOS and Android. Download: Apple | Android 

App SpyMeSat

2. SpyMeSat – Using GPS technology, this

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