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Veteran officers announce bids for sheriff – Winchester News Gazette





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Shooting tops JG-TC list of major stories for 2017 – Journal Gazette and Times

Rural King, which was founded in 1960 in Mattoon, reports that it currently has more than 100 stores in a 12-state area and is continuing to grow.

7. City of Mattoon to end its ambulance service.

The Mattoon City Council voted July 18 to eliminate the Mattoon Fire Department’s ambulance service, effective May 1, 2018. Now, as the new year begins, the city is scheduled to start negotiating a new contract with Mattoon Firefighters Local 691 while going through arbitration for two grievances filed by this union related to the ambulance service.

One grievance was filed as a response to the council’s July 18 vote, and the other was filed before this vote but is now connected to the ambulance measure, as well, as the JG-TC previously reported. The ambulance service is set to be eliminated on the day that the city’s planned 2018-19 budget is required to take effect.

City Administrator Kyle Gill

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A 37-year-old mystery solved: Reopening case led to confession in … – Journal Gazette and Times

In Coles County, it’s always been called the Airtight Bridge murder because of the bridge where, on Oct. 19, 1980, the body of a nude woman with her head, hands and feet missing was found in the Embarras River.

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