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Kalama author’s first novel stars a teen bent on solving murder

Erin Blake wants to know three things. Who killed her mother? What is her father’s name and where is he? And whoever he is — he isn’t her mother’s killer … right?

Erin is the protagonist of “To Catch a Killer,” the debut young adult novel by Sheryl Scarborough of Kalama. The novel went on sale Tuesday, Feb. 7. A former television writer from Los Angeles, Scarborough and her husband made a home for themselves in Southwestern Washington nearly a year ago in the midst of a lengthy publication process. The move signaled a transition from television writing to novel writing for Scarborough.

Set in the fictional town of Iron Rain, Ore., “To Catch a Killer” tells the story of Erin Blake, a high school student who has spent her whole life living in the shadow of her mother’s grisly murder. In the first pages, Erin is in the back of a

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