Revamp Crime Scene Investigation Procedure, Use Technology: SC to Govt

New Delhi: Underscoring the importance of technology in criminal investigation, the Supreme Court has asked the Central government to consider a rehaul of crime scene investigation procedure by making digital photography and videography a must.

According to the Court, the digital photographs and videos should be recorded without delay and must be shared across various police stations on a real time basis so as to make criminal investigation sharper and faster.

“We have seen how Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officers in US visit the crime scene with body-worn cameras. This act as a deterrent apart from being a useful tool in collecting evidence,” observed a bench of Justices Adarsh K Goel and Uday U Lalit on Tuesday.

Initiating its exercise with the crime scene photography, the bench pointed out that cameras with higher resolution will come handy for forensic analysis.

Senior advocate Arun Mohan, who has been assisting the Court

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