Mob Museum unveiling major renovation on Valentine’s Day

The Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas is unveiling a major renovation on Valentine’s Day.

The renovation on the first floor includes a brand-new exhibition spaced named Organized Crime Today, which focuses on the modernization and evolution of organized crime in the present day.

Two new experiential spaces include the Use of Force Training Experience and Crime Lab, which join the Museum’s already robust experiential platform, focusing on methods employed by law enforcement to apprehend and prosecute criminals and their organizations.

Organized Crime Today Exhibition

Thanks to countless pop culture references and notorious 20th-century organized crime figures such as Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel and John Gotti, the concept of organized crime calls to mind images of bygone eras when speakeasies, Mob-run casinos and infamous Mafia families thrived. In fact, organized crime proliferates around the globe today. No longer centered in neighborhoods, cities or regions, contemporary crime networks extend across national borders and their illegal

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