Two arrested in stabbing death of woman found on rural Livermore road


LIVERMORE — A dying woman found on the side of a rural Alameda County road was able to give investigators enough information to lead them to a pair of suspects before she succumbed to multiple stab wounds early Monday, authorities said.

The 19-year-old woman had apparently crawled 100 yards along Tesla Road before she was found, and held on long enough to speak with investigators and be airlifted to a hospital.

Audio of Alameda County CHP reporting to the scene of a deadly stabbing of woman
on Tesla Road in Livermore.Click here if you are unable to view this video.

The woman’s statement led investigators to Modesto, where they arrested a man and a woman about 1:15 p.m. Monday.

“That was very compelling information,” Alameda County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Ray Kelly said. “She explained to us who was responsible for doing this to her.”

The agency will seek murder charges against the pair, both

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