Montana Five-O: Montana Junior Police Leadership Academy teaches teens skills for law enforcement and for life

As Helena teen Wyatt Burrell navigated through cones at the law enforcement driving track, he remembered the tip he was taught — what got you in will get you out.

This, the more tedious course, was to hone in on backing into spaces and deft maneuvering of the vehicle. It’s also to teach users to trust their cars.

Spinning around in the skid car was more fun. It also taught Burrell and the 31 other cadets at the Montana Junior Police Leadership Academy how to deal with hazards like slipping on ice in a safe environment. Tuesday’s time at the track was just part of the week of activities for the academy, which is open to teens from across the state each year.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” 16-year-old Burrell said. “It’s awesome. We do a lot of fun stuff.”

Other tasks during the academy included crime scene investigation, rapelling off a

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