WVU forensics runs night investigations

MORGANTOWN — More than a dozen investigators spent the night processing evidence at the scene of a crime this week.

But it wasn’t cause for concern among residents, as the investigators were WVU students conducting a mock crime scene investigation.

Professor Robert O’Brien set the scene at WVU’s Crime Scene Training Complex, on the Evansdale campus. Eighteen seniors processed the evidence, from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Why? “That is when many violent crimes occur, and the exposure to the elements in these conditions replicate the reality of their chosen careers,” O’Brien said.

The students used skills learned from their specialized classroom education in the Forensic and Investigative Science program at WVU, including innovative crime scene software on iPads, advanced trajectory equipment, forensic photography, critical chain of evidence custody procedures and other advanced forensic techniques. The forensic science program at WVU is regarded as one of the

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