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Evidence photos: ‘A Vow of Silence’

In this episode of Forensic Files — “A Vow of Silence” — a young woman from the Philippines who had been living in Arlington, Texas, with her husband and son disappears.

Emelita Villa came to Arlington in 1987 from her home country of the Philippines as an impoverished 18-year-old after Jack Reeves — a man almost 30 years her senior — saw her in a mail-order-bride magazine and chose her to be his fourth wife.

Six and a half years later, in October of 1994, she disappeared.

During their investigation, detectives discovered that the deaths of both Reeve’s second and third wives were shrouded in mystery. Is Jack Reeves a murderer three times over, or is someone else to blame for the death of Emelita Villa?

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